Abstract of 'Security and Non-Repudiation for Voice-Over-IP Conversations'

We present a concept to achieve non-repudiation for natural language conversations by electronically signing packet-based, digital, voice communication. Signing a VoIP-based conversation means to protect the integrity and authenticity of the bidirectional data stream and its temporal sequence which together establish the security context of the communication. Our concept is conceptually close to the protocols that embody VoIP and provides a high level of inherent security. It enables signatures over voice as true declarations of will, in principle between unacquainted speakers. We point to trusted computing enabled devices as possible trusted signature terminals for voice communication.

Subject Classes

C.2.0 [Computer-Communication Networks]: General - Security and protection

Keywords and Phrases

Electronic signature; non-repudiation; voice over IP; interval signature; cryptographic chaining; natural-language communication.