Abstract of

'Mathematical Problems of Gauge Quantum Field Theory: A Survey of the Schwinger Model'

This extended write-up of my talk gives an introductory survey of mathematical problems of the quantization of gauge systems. Using the Schwinger model as an exactly tractable but nontrivial example which exhibits general features of gauge quantum field theory, I cover the following subjects: The axiomatics of quantum field theory, formulation of quantum field theory in terms of Wightman functions, reconstruction of the state space, the local formulation of gauge theories, indefiniteness of the Wightman functions in general and in the special case of the Schwinger model, the state space of the Schwinger model, special features of the model. New results are contained in the Mathematical Appendix, where I consider in an abstract setting the Pontrjagin space structure of a special class of indefinite inner product spaces --- the so called quasi--positive ones. This is motivated by the indefinite inner product space structure appearing in the above context and generalizes results of Morchio and Strocchi in [J. Math. Phys. 31 (1990) 1467] and Dubin and Tarski in [Ann.~Phys. 13 (1967) 263].

Subject Classes (MSC; PACS)

81T13, 81-02, 81T10, 81T05

Keywords and Phrases

quantum field theory, Schwinger model, Krein space, Pontrjagin space