Abstract of

'Mathematics of the Quantum Zeno Effect'

We present an overview of the mathematics underlying the quantum Zeno effect. Classical, functional analytic results are put into perspective and compared with more recent ones. This yields some new insights into mathematical preconditions entailing the Zeno paradox, in particular a simplified proof of Misra's and Sudarshan's theorem. We empahsise the complex-analytic structures associated to the issue of existence of the Zeno dynamics. On grounds of the assembled material, we reason about possible future mathematical developments pertaining to the Zeno paradox and its counterpart, the anti-Zeno paradox, both of which seem to be close to complete characterisations.

Subject Classes (MSC; PACS)

46L60, 47D03, 81P15, 81R15, 82B10; 03.65.Xp, 03.65Db, 05.30.-d, 02.30.T

Keywords and Phrases

Quantum Zeno Effect, anti-Zeno effect, measurement, Trotter's product formula, degenerate semigroup, operator algebra, modular automorphism group, KMS-state, return to equilibrium, Gibbs state