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'Efficient Application SSO for Evolved Mobile Networks'

@INPROCEEDINGS{SmartOpenID_WWRF25, author = {Andreas U. Schmidt and Andreas Leicher and Yogendra Shah Inhyok Cha}, title = {Efficient Application SSO for Evolved Mobile Networks}, booktitle = {Proceedings of the Wireless World Research Forum Meeing 25 (WWRF 25), London, UK, 2010}, year = {2009}, abstract = {Efficient and seamless Single-Sign-On (SSO) access to applications is a core question for the evolution of services in wireless networks. A fundamental requirement is lightweight, secure authentication protocols and an overarching identity management framework. We review 3GPP standardisation efforts on this topic, and propose generation of identity assertions, locally at the device as an efficient and secure authentication method for mobile SSO.} }