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'Trusted Infrastructures for Identities'

@INPROCEEDINGS{FHKS07, author = {Barbara Fichtinger and Eckehard Herrmann and Nicolai Kuntze and Andreas U. Schmidt}, title = {Trusted Infrastructures for Identities}, booktitle = {Virtual Goods: Technology, Economy, and Legal Aspects. Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop for Technical, Economic and Legal Aspects of Business Models for Virtual Goods, Koblenz, October 11-13, 2007}, editor = {R{\"u}diger Grimm and Berthold Hass}, year = {2008}, publisher = {Nova Publishers}, address = {Hauppauge, New York} isbn = {978-1-60456-486-0}, abstract = {The establishment of trust relationships across multiple identifier domains in identity management architectures enables a service provider in a certain domain to trust the decisions of an identity provider located in a foreign identifier domain. As a result, users do not have to create new credentials for every identifier domain they communicate with. This trust relationship can be established by using the infrastructure provided by the Trusted Computing Group. In this paper, a concept for the establishment of this trust relationship based on trusted computing technology is developed.}, }