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'On the Superdistribution of Digital Goods'

@INPROCEEDINGS{AUS08A, author = {Andreas U. Schmidt}, title = {On the Superdistribution of Digital Goods}, booktitle = {Proceedings of 2008 Third International Conference on Communications and Networking in China (ChinaCom2008)}, year = {2008}, pages = {1236-1243}, address = {Hangzhou, China}, publisher = {IEEE}, note = {Invited paper at the Wokshop 2008 International Workshop on Multimedia Security in Communication (MUSIC'08)}, abstract = {Business models involving buyers of digital goods in the distribution process are called superdistribution schemes. We review the state-of-the art of research and application of superdistribution and propose systematic approach to market mechanisms using super-distribution and technical system architectures supporting it. The limiting conditions on such markets are of economic, legal, technical, and psychological nature.}, arxiv = {0806.1543v1}, doi = {10.1109/CHINACOM.2008.4685251} }